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Issue 28: Spring 2019 – Print + Digital

“Bursting forth this spring, our botanical-inspired issue sees our designers looking to flora for the seed of their ideas. Issue 28 is budding with your next ‘must make’ projects, and we’re delighted to feature no less that three gorgeous crochet patterns.

Take your pick from these blooming beautiful designers:
Amber Platzer Corcoran, Emily Greene, Lydia Gluck, Judith Brand, Kelly Ordeman, Isa Catepillán, Liza Laird, Stella Egidi

We also have a lovely lineup of verdant thoughts for you – Anna Maltz’s musings on plant based fibres, Rebecca Lawrence’s method for botanical-infused gin, and Paula Goosen’s tutorial for making your own floral lotion bars.

Wherever your crafty pursuits take you this spring, we hope this issues goes some way to helping your creativity flourish, maybe even flower.

Printed in the UK on lovely heavy paper.
Includes digital download –
Recipes, articles, tutorials + more!”

pompom Issue 28, Frühling 2019

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CHF 10.00Sale-Preis

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