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The Textile Museum in Blönduós, located in northern Iceland, houses a unique and fascinating collection of hand-knitted Icelandic mittens, dating back centuries. Drawn by the weight of history and the wealth of traditional motifs on display in their beautifully preserved one-of-a-kind catalog, Guðrún Hannele Hentinnen, an expert with a degree in textile studies-and the owner of a yarn shop located in Reykjavik-has reconstructed patterns and charts based on those historical examples, and breathed new life into a stunning selection of mittens and gloves for the modern knitter. In a variety of colors and styles, constituting a master class in multi-color stranded knitting and in a wide range of stitches and techniques, this collection doubles as design showcase and inspirational guide to these overlooked gems of Nordic knit tradition: warm, wearable mittens and gloves in a variety of colors and styles, with full-color photographs, charts, and step-by-step instructions to aid both novice and veteran mitten-knitters.

Iclandic Mittens

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